Meet our team

John Smith(founder)

John Smith is a co-CEO and founder of Taxi Hub. He holds a degree in Public Administration from The University of Los Angeles. An investment banker by trade, he is an experienced taxi dispatcher.

Tom Hudson(driver)

One of our most experienced drivers, Tom Hudson, is the real expert in offering high-quality taxi services. Prior to his experience of working for leading taxi services providers, he is very important to our team.

Michael Johnson(dispatcher)

Michael has been working with us for several years, and before becoming a dispatcher, he has tried dozens of other jobs as a freelancer. But what he really does good is managing the morning shift at Taxi Hub.

Sam Richardson(driver)

Sam came to us a few years ago as a driver trainee, and he almost immediately showed amazing results. No wonder that today he is one of our most promising drivers and he really loves his job.

James Wilkinson(junior dispatcher)

A good friend of Michael Johnson, James works during day shifts, and his responsibilities include managing the routes of drivers and giving them new directions and contacts of our clients.

Dennis Black(manager)

Dennis works as a manager of our Los Angeles branch and he knows how to do this work perfectly. This is why he was numerously awarded with The Best Employee of Taxi Hub and has stainless reputation.

Our team