Finding lost property

After an outing, you decide to catch a cab. You get home only to discover that you lost something really important in your taxi. Most people wont bother to try to find the item. We recommend using this little guide of recovering lost property to make your search for the lost item really successful. First, it will be a good decision to contact... Read More

how to select a taxi

A taxi is an essential component of the public transportation system. Whether you are calling a taxi to your home or office on a regular basis, or are visiting a strange city and need a cab to move around, you can benefit from using a taxi. First, not all taxis are the same. They may all look similar on the surface, but there is a range... Read More

Taxi Hub update: new Gadgets

We are glad to introduce an update to all our taxis. Because technologies develop as time goes by, our taxis also deserve something new. We decided that installing tablets for our clients convenience will be the best option, and heres why and what they will include. The newly proposed tablets would have a credit card reader to collect the fare and... Read More